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Dental Implants the Best Solution

The dental implant is considered the best solution in case of lack of a tooth because it fits into the jaw bone instead of the missing tooth so that it can act as a real natural tooth.

Thanks to the highest quality materials, new techniques, the biocompatible material we use for implants and the most modern technology, an insufficient amount of bone tissue will not be an obstacle in the path to reach the goal of a healthy smile.

The painless intervention of bone graft will allow us to insert a dental implant to the patient, returning a smile of satisfaction to his face.

All-on-4 Immediate Loading Systems

All on four is an implant-prosthetic technique that returns the functional and aesthetic role to the patient’s teeth in 48 hours, in consideration of the needs of our patients, our clinic is specialized and well organized with in-house Dental LAB for the All-on-4 immediate loading system.

A temporary fixed prosthesis is placed immediately after the insertion of the implants. In this way, the patient does not have to wait 4 to 6 months for the period of osseointegration of the implant to have a normal life and will leave the dental practice with a fixed and comfortable denture.

Safety, stability, long life, increased quality of life and self-confidence: you will get all this in our clinic.

All-on-6 the Ultimate Dental Solution

All on 4 and All on 6: what is the difference? The difference between the two solutions lies in the number of implants inserted. The dentist only uses the All on 4 system when the bone conditions do not allow the insertion of a greater number of implants. The All-on-6 fixed prosthesis system is a reliable long-term solution for the patient’s smile, it cannot be removed and thus offers patients additional safety and stability.

By wearing a fixed prosthesis, patients have no problems with meals, can eat all types of food and feel extremely safe. In our work, we have met questions relating to oral hygiene in the event that fixed prostheses are worn.

The correct and regular oral hygiene and regular checks are of primary importance and give the prosthesis a long duration.

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FREER DENTAL AESTHETIC and IMPLANT CENTER is a modern dental practice that allows all patients to feel at ease. It is a dental practice where the fear of the dentist becomes a legacy of the past, our clinic is a place with a relaxing atmosphere that represents the present and the future.